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Fishartista paints a….. CAT

I have never painted a CAT before - was a little hesitant to commit to a cat commission - but here it is.   Client wanted the feline jumping up at a feather, but the receipient is a wine connoisseur,  the cat's name was Air Pinot, so I thought a wine glass would be a lot [...]

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How does Kickstarter work?????

How does Kickstarter work? First, here's a simple explanation of kickstarter: As far as the ornaments go, I'm funding all the expenses of getting a large quantity of ornaments made, before I make them. I'm doing that by offering "rewards" - or .... CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS!  (or other fun stuff) if people give me the [...]

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Coastal Christmas Ornaments – 2016!

Keep "" at your fingertips..... We are about to launch.  Very exciting!Coastal Christmas Ornaments for 2016!Great RewardsCool OrnamentsFree ShippingDiscounts on a few Rody itemsSo, watch for the announcement, and please BACK and SHARE when we launch.Thanks!Kim

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