I have never painted a CAT before – was a little hesitant to commit to a cat commission – but here it is.   Client wanted the feline jumping up at a feather, but the receipient is a wine connoisseur,  the cat’s name was Air Pinot, so I thought a wine glass would be a lot more fun!  (This is some kind of special wine glass that the client told me about – I know about as much about wine glasses as I do about wine: 

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How does Kickstarter work?

First, here’s a simple explanation of kickstarter: https://www.rody.com/how-does-kickstarter-work/

As far as the ornaments go, I’m funding all the expenses of getting a large quantity of ornaments made, before I make them.

I’m doing that by offering “rewards” – or …. CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS!  (or other fun stuff) if people give me the money to do the ornaments.

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Keep “rodychristmas.com” at your fingertips….. We are about to launch.  Very exciting!

Coastal Christmas Ornaments for 2016!

Great Rewards
Cool Ornaments
Free Shipping
Discounts on a few Rody items

So, watch for the announcement, and please BACK and SHARE when we launch.



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I’ve had this Lundin Kudo pear for about 10 years.  I bought it right after the death of the artist, who was a neighbor of mine and a wonderful artist and person. 

I’m selling the house, and moving a few things to our new home in Hope Town in the Bahamas.  I would not trust myself or Tropical Shipping to get it there in one piece, so I asked around and found an interested collector who took charge of my pear with love. 

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