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Artist’s Way – 16 years later

Iartists way covern 1999 I worked my way through the book “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron.  I can say that it changed my life, because before I worked my way through it, I was an insurance agent.  After I finished it, I was a full time artist.  A few other changes in my life happened as well.

So, on the four day sail back from the Bahamas this year, I decided to work through it all over again.  And when I opened the book, I was amazed.  

If you decide to work through this book (and you DO have to work), be prepared for a life change.  Do exactly what the book says.  Do your morning pages,  do your artist dates, and fill in all the blanks.

Let me share what I found 16 years later:  a letter to my 80 year old self from my 39 year old self but reading it as my 56 year old self. (Did you get that?)  For those of you who know me, and what my life consists of at this point, you will know how poignant and true this exercise was and is. Here is what I wrote in 1999 while living in Dallas, TX:

Dear Kim,

You have quite a life ahead of you! You’ve touched on everything you could possibly dream of – and have been wildly successful at a few things.  

You found true love.  You were very lucky! Your love of the sea will always be with you – and you will get closer to it as the years go by.

So, buckle up, keep on plugging. Follow your dreams and good things will happen!