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Sea Turtle Tuesday: Kris’ Turtle

 Sometimes when I finish a turtle painting, I send out the image in a newsletter and say "name that turtle", which can be done by simply purchasing the turtle! As did Kris in this situation!  Or make that Kris' husband. Anyway, more about the painting. She's 36X36 acrylic on canvas.  I used a photo I [...]

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Humongous painting Part 3: Wrap Up

NOTE:   This is Part 3.... catch up by reading parts 1 and 2 below! It's been a while, but thought I would wrap up the journey of the painting....   After composing and creating the painting in my mind, building the bars, laying it out on canvas (see parts 1 and 2), the rest was [...]

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Humongous painting Part 2: just add paint.

A large canvas like this can be pretty overwhelming, especially when you can't ever see the whole thing at once.  Working from my sketches, I started with the top of the reef, adding sections at a time. Working my way down. Now, I get to add my favoritos: fish. Plus Fish [...]

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Journey of the humoungous reef painting PART 1 (read all 3!)

How does one paint a commission… that is to be ten feet by four and a half feet wide?First of all, you have to give it a lot of thought.  Figure out what you want the painting to be.Then, go find reference material toward that end, sketch it out.So, a giant reef, from the ocean [...]

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