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Reflections of a Sea Turtle

Facebook is amazing.  Ran across a photographer who loves loves loves to photograph sea turtles as much as I love love love to paint them: Julie Suess.   That's her facebook link (LIKE IT!), THIS is her website.So, it was wonderful to connect with a fellow sea turtle lover, and translate her photos into partially abstract, [...]

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Sea Turtle Tuesday: Love at first sight.

Click on image for purchase information Oh, the amazement one feels to come face to face with a wild sea turtle for the very first time. And, to be a youngster when that happens.... life changing!Our Bahamian friends took this picture of their daughter while snorkeling at Sandy Cay Reef (Pelican Cays National Park).  I [...]

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Sea Turtle Tuesday: The Beloved Sea Turtle

The beloved Sea TurtleFrom leatherbacks to loggerheads, six of the seven species of sea turtles are threatened or endangered at the hand of humans according to see Survival is harder as they face  many more dangers than ever in their wide area ocean migrations and daily life on the reef — including accidental capture and entanglement in [...]

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Sea Turtle Tuesday: Tangerine Dream

Wow, was this a lot of fun to paint or WHAT!? "Tangerine Dream"  came  from an old digital pic I took with my Mavica camera (remember those?  with the floppy discs?) at the Dallas Aquarium in the late 90's, when I was still an insurance agent.  Lots of my early paintings came from there; I [...]

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Sea Turtle Tuesday: Little Turtle Bambinos. Awwwwww

One morning I was up early walking the beach on Hutchison Island and saw a commotion near the water.  Birds were swooping in making a big racket. As I got closer, I saw the tail end of the mass exodus of baby turtles from their under the sand nest into the ocean.  There were a few [...]

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Sea Turtle Tuesday: Bling

OK, everybody loves Bling.  So, let me tell you her story. Back when I was living in Dallas as a State Farm agent, they were pretty strict with what business I could write, so anything I couldn't I would toss over to Jay Freeman, an "excess lines" agent. (Things like DWI's, motorcycles, etc). I had [...]

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(First weekly) Sea Turtle Tuesday – Free Style Turtle

I painted this turtle in our little efficiency on the beach in White Sound about 3 years ago (2012?)  Unlike most of my pieces, I started out with some water soluble crayons (GREAT fun!) and just scribbled big circles and ovals on a 36X36 canvas.  Then I poured water on the marks, making them look [...]

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