Fishartista paints a….. CAT

I have never painted a CAT before – was a little hesitant to commit to a cat commission – but here it is.   Client wanted the feline jumping up at a feather, but the receipient is a wine connoisseur,  the cat’s name was Air Pinot, so I thought a wine glass would be a lot more fun!  (This is some kind of special wine glass that the client told me about – I know about as much about wine glasses as I do about wine:  red, white or pink!)

The paints still wet in this picture, so that glare is gone….  

Anyway, LOTS of fun with this little critter, and I heard the giftee LOVED it. SO GLAD! Here it is hanging in her house:








Prints on canvas are available, gallery wrapped. Click here.

2 thoughts on “Fishartista paints a….. CAT”

  1. Kim,

    This is the best present I have ever received!!! I absolutely love my Air Pinot!!! I get to look at him every morning as soon as I wake up!
    You did an amazing job and really brought him back to life for me. He was such a special kitty, I miss him dearly and now I get to look at him every day.

    Thank you so very very much.


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