I can’t decide!

I like themsquare sake 2 both!  Well, good news for you, we have ordered blanks of both kinds, square and round, so there shall be no fretting  when they are ready, you’ll be able to pick either one!  Weround sake test 2 are still playing around with the packaging, fish placement, product shots, etc.  Make sure you are signed up for the newsletter (upper right hand corner up there….) and we will let you know as soon as they are ready.  Let us know what you think below.  Thanks!


7 thoughts on “I can’t decide!”

  1. We love both! The square ones hold more for us vacation alcoholics but your tip on the square ones being handed to use is well taken!

  2. Kim,
    Hello! Can you show a photo with the bottom of the square cups? Cute design. I drink lots of tea so a pot with the little cups would be more useful to me.

    Thanks for requesting customer input.

    1. Hi Rochelle,
      I only have the picture from my newsletter of the prototypes…. there will be about 50 different ones, and they will be ready for me to take pictures in August after we fire them. Look back then. I’m going to offer a “build your own sake set”…. should be fun!

    2. Hi R, just debuted the Japanese line at surf expo trade show and the sake sets and chopstick sets were a huge hit! they will be on the site in early october, in time for Christmas.
      Thanks, Rochelle.

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