I like the Square ones!

If square’s yoursquare sake 2 choice, make sure and DRINK FROM A CORNER, otherwise you will have sake on the front of your shirt.  It WORKS, you just have to get used to it.  They’ll be ready in September at the latest, maybe before!!!  We are working on the packaging right now. If yosquare sake boxu are not on the mailing list already, sign up in the top right hand corner to get notification when they come out of the kiln.  

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2 thoughts on “I like the Square ones!”

  1. Hi Kim, was in Black Mountain NC june 2-7th — thought about you — really beautiful, cooler weather than July last year.


    1. We are up here now! just arrived, but only staying about a week, then back to the chesapeake on the boat. it’s a little hot now, but not like over on the east coast (or in texas i presume!).

      thanks for reminding me of seeing you last year, that was GREAT! keep in touch.

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