Dieter’s Quest

Dieter’s Quest

Available on backorder

50″ X 70″


Ever used a fly fishing rod to land a sailfish? It’s quite the adventure! 

This painting was made especially for Dieter Quester, a well known Austrian Formula 1 race car driver.  Notice the fly fish rods, rather than standard rods and reels, as well as the release flags in this painting.  Lots more interesting detail if you take a closer look.

Dieter has been a collector of my art for many years, and owns the “Sweet Lips” Triptych original, “Breakfast at Jack’s”, and many more of my pieces.

 He recently sold his home in Ft. Lauderdale and is taking all of my paintings back to Vienna with him, but “Dieter’s Quest” is unfortunately too large to make the move. 

If “Dieter’s Quest” interests you, please email me or Dieter to discuss the painting and possible purchase.