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A Peek into the Rody Studio

What's happening up here in Fry's Fish Camp?     First off, plans MOVING RIGHT ALONG for NEW STUDIO: It's exciting AND scary!       Meanwhile, guest bedroom bed is leaned up against the wall to give me some elbow room to paint.  Here's what's on the drawing board: CHICKEN OR EGG:? 36X36"   [...]

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Fry’s Art Studio (and wood shop)

PROGRESS!  8/22 Got some preliminary drawings from Marsh Harbour Architect..... it is taking form!   This morning we took these latest printouts and staked it out in the back yard.  VERY EXCITING!Here at Fry's Fish Camp on Elbow Cay, there's only one thing missing.   I currently lean a bed up against the wall and elbow my [...]

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Whale recording device retrieval adventure!

  Two weeks ago we hopped in a boat, drove to Marsh Habour, hopped in a car, drove to Sandy Point, hopped in a boat, drove out to the 100' drop off and completed our mission of finding and lifting a device that has been down below for many months recording the chattering, songs, clicks [...]

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All about the FLAMINGOS

Let me tell you about Lisa P. Young's FLAMINGOS. There once were two artists in Stuart. They'd go to their studios to do art. Kim and Lisa joined forces And altered their courses. Result: Art that come straight from the heart. We're both very excited to add the birds to Kim's product lineup, and hope [...]

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Flying through Asheville, NC this summer?

Then check out the ART GALLERY there! They've got my "Mountain Art" paintings up through October!                                     Margaret (Peggy) Horne is my NC rep, here's her info: 828-284-5593 She says she's happy to be representing Kim Rody [...]

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Fishartista paints a….. CAT

I have never painted a CAT before - was a little hesitant to commit to a cat commission - but here it is.   Client wanted the feline jumping up at a feather, but the receipient is a wine connoisseur,  the cat's name was Air Pinot, so I thought a wine glass would be a lot [...]

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