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What’s so great about Rody Dishes?

Oval Platter_octopusLet me tell you!

Restaurant tough porcelain
Original Images from Kim Rody paintings
Images applied by hand
Fired in our own kiln
4 point inspection by our team
and….. our

See, I told you!

One Year Chip and Crack Guarantee:

Kim uses a restaurant supply company for her blanks, and the dishes are BUILT for heavy use, both on the table and in the dishwasher.  They are sturdy, substantial, and actually chip resistant, so we offer a ONE YEAR GUARANTEE against chipping or cracking. Here are the terms:

  • Small bubbles and small imperfections are common in glazed porcelain, and add to the individuality and beauty of the dishes, and are not covered by this guarantee.
  • Kim Rody dinnerware on this site is guaranteed against chips or cracks for one year from date of purchase.
  • Chipped or cracked dishes must be returned at customer’s expense. A replacement will be sent at Rody’s expense. Please pack carefully and use a tracking number.
  • If item is no longer carried, customer may choose a like sized item with the available image of their choice fired on the dish
  • Only applicable for the “Real McCoys”, dishes fired after the Kickstarter project.  Not applicable for prototypes.
  • If cracked or chipped dish was purchased through a retailer other than Kim Rody Creations, receipt/proof of purchase is required. (If you bought it direct from us we should have your information.)
  • Request must come with complete name, shipping address, phone and email address, a written explanation and the retailer’s receipt or proof of purchase if applicable.
  • Our dishes are breakable porcelain.  We only guarantee chips or cracks, not accidents,  slippery hands  or moving companies. Sorry!