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(First weekly) Sea Turtle Tuesday – Free Style Turtle

Free StyleI painted this turtle in our little efficiency on the beach in White Sound about 3 years ago (2012?)  Unlike most of my pieces, I started out with some water soluble crayons (GREAT fun!) and just scribbled big circles and ovals on a 36X36 canvas.  Then I poured water on the marks, making them look like water color. Next I studied what I had done, and magically, this turtle appeared out of nowhere! So, while he may not be anatomically correct, I think he certainly does have that free style spirit of the turtles I dive with here in the Abacos.

“Free Style Turtle” Turtle_set 2was used in the first edition of my dinnerware on the bowl in the “Reef Time” collection below:The first two years of production on these were very trial and error, so many a “Free Style” bit the dust until we perfected our process.

Free Style is also available in a  mini-giclee:  a small work of art in itself:  gallery wrapped canvas, with a little easel and hanging hook included, plus info all about the creature on the back.6x6_Freestyle Turtle

 Finally, Free Style got his own “Party Pleaser”….   a platter and four tidbits.
PartyPleaser_freestyle turtle

One of my favorite paintings to make because, well, it kind of painted itself!!  My plan is to talk about one of my turtles every Tuesday, so follow my blog or watch out on Facebook. Let me know what you think.




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