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The Value of ART

2016-05-26 15_optI’ve had this Lundin Kudo pear for about 10 years.  I bought it right after the death of the artist, who was a neighbor of mine and a wonderful artist and person. 

I’m selling the house, and moving a few things to our new home in Hope Town in the Bahamas.  I would not trust myself or Tropical Shipping to get it there in one piece, so I asked around and found an interested collector who took charge of my pear with love.  The value over the last 10 years did increase.  But the real value was the enjoyment I had of displaying the pear in my home over the years…. sitting next to it while watching movies and eating, having friends ooh and ahhh….  and simply having it in our home.  Now that the house is for sale, most of the items inside must go.  It’s nice to know that fine art does both give and hold its value over the years.  Thank you Lundin, and I hope the new owner of the pear enjoys it as much as I did.

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Artist splitting my year between the Bahamas (oceans) and Fairview (near Asheville), NC (mountains) with supportive and fun husband Mark Kopp, and Schooner the golden retriever.

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