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Whale recording device retrieval adventure!


Two weeks ago we hopped in a boat, drove to Marsh Habour, hopped in a car, drove to Sandy Point, hopped in a boat, drove out to the 100′ drop off and completed our mission of finding and lifting a device that has been down below for many months recording the chattering, songs, clicks and other communications of the whales that use the Northwest Providence channel on a regular basis, as well as the noise from all the ship traffic passing through from the Atlantic to the eastern seaboard and back again.  Along for the ride were the professionals… Diane and Charlotte from the Bahamas Marine Mammal Research Organisation (BMMRO), and two graduate students from Aarhus University in Denmark that had been doing marine mammal research with BMMRO for the past month.


The equipment we helped to retrieve is part of the ‘Shared Waters’ project that BMMRO began last year, looking at the effects of sperm whales and ships sharing habitat. There’s a story in the current Abaco Life magazine about the project, or you can read about it on their website, http://www.bahamaswhales.org/research.aspx

The data we collected was fedex’d to graduate students at St Andrews University in Scotland the next day and the recorders redeployed the next week where it will remain for another six months!

For all of you who wonder what in the world we do down here living in the Bahamas practically year round, here’s an example.

I think I’ll paint a whale next.



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