Reflections of a Sea Turtle

Reflections smallerFacebook is amazing.  Ran across a photographer who loves loves loves to photograph sea turtles as much as I love love love to paint them: Julie Suess.   That’s her facebook link (LIKE IT!), THIS is her website.

So, it was wonderful to connect with a fellow sea turtle lover, and translate her photos into partially abstract, partially realist art. Thank you Julie, Glad we met!

Take a close look at the reflections – just a hodge podge of my favorite colors., and completely abstract when you zoom in. For the water I tried to capture the aqua water of the Bahamas where I see one of these beauties almost every time I jump in with mask, snorkel and fins. 

The painting really popped when I added the dark purple outlines in the reflection.  A wonderful experience to paint!

Reflections of a turtle…..  painted in a stressful time of my life, but helped me to remember to just rise to the surface, take a big breath, and CARRY ON.

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