Sea Turtle Tuesday: Little Turtle Bambinos. Awwwwww

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Sea Turtle Tuesday: Little Turtle Bambinos. Awwwwww

One morning I was up early walking the beach on Hutchison Island and saw a commotion near the water.  Birds were swooping in making a big racket. As I got closer, I saw the tail end of the mass exodus of baby turtles from their under the sand nest into the ocean.  There were a few that had missed the bus!  They should have been in the water well before light but the sun was just rising and they were in deep doo doo with those seagulls.  Lots of them made it to the water’s edge, but big waves would send them flying back onto the sand.  

I know you aren’t supposed to touch them, but I started picking them up and throwing them over the waves…..  at least they were able to have that “first swim” which I really love to see… their little flappers flapping away.

So, maybe there is a turtle or two out there in the big ocean who grew up, thanks to me!

5x7_First Time In

First Time In Mini

“First Time In” was painted in Dallas long ago during a painting class. It hung in a show I had at Daddy Jack’s, and a waitress bought it for $150, and paid for it on a  monthly basis.



First Trip

First Trip

I painted “First Trip” in my NC mountain studio.  It’s a little trippy with all those colors and curvy lines. The original is 16X20, and still available. 



I have both in minis, and First Trip has it’s place in the dinnerware.  I got a little resistance from my team when I wanted him at the bottom of the cup, but I think he is so cute there.

Sauce_First Trip

First Trip Little Dipper

5x7_First Trip

First Trip Mini

Mug_First Trip

First Trip Mug

Big Dipper_First Trip

First Trip Big Dipper

Tidbit_First Trip

First Trip Tidbit

Thanks for your interest!




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